Hey Fox News!!!


So if anyone has been my Facebook friend in the past 15 days, they might have noticed me posting a video a day asking Fox &¬†Friends to tell me if my outfit was okay or not. If you haven’t been my FB friend – well that’s what I’ve been doing.

In response to this¬†news segment, I’ve pledged to make a video a day begging Fox & Friends to further tell me how to dress – because if I don’t live with an older male figure to tell me what is appropriate and what is fashionable – how am I supposed to know???

Fortunately for me, in addition to the many people sharing my posts, Brian Hickey from Philly Voice has written an article about my videos in hopes that it will bring us closer to an answer from Fox & Friends!

So watch the videos, read the article, share my posts, or make your own!



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