GET PART OF IT: The Big Fiasco




I am so super stoked to post on here that I am a part of  THE BIG FIASCO.
But Addie, I don’t know what THE BIG FIASCO is!
Well hey! This is what it is.
The Big Fiasco is a weekly showcase of insanely fresh ~New York Improv Theater~. The teams are comprised of incredibly talented and driven performers who push themselves and their teammates to do unique pieces that challenge what is being done in NEW YORK, and then push it further.
I can’t believe I get to be a cog in this machine full of individuals who want to take risks and play with such glee and confidence. These ensembles are a joy to watch and for sure a must see for those who want to experience such exciting live theater.
I’m performing The Monoscene with my team Tornados in Torontobut you should check out Cat’s Cradle with ICE-9 and 8-Track with Insignificant Other.

July 11th: Harold Against Humanity

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.11.23 AM

Harold Against Humanity, an improv show for horrible people.

You’ve played Cards Against Humanity right? Maybe you’ve heard of it? Maybe you played it but were blackout drunk and don’t remember?

Well if you have somehow managed to miss out on the greatest gift given to the current youth, the bottom line is that it’s like Apples to Apples but with bad/offensive/horrific words. (If you managed to miss out on Apples to Apples, I’m sorry for your childhood. It sounds bad.)

From this great card game was born HAROLD AGAINST HUMANITY. An improv show that uses random pairings of these wonderfully horrible cards at the top show to inspire the rest of the show.

This show is not for the faint of heart or the soft of dicks.

In one hour we, a band of equally horrible people, will perform TWO Harolds. Double the trouble, double the fun.

This show has the grand fortune of being held at Muchmores which has a great space and a great bar. So if you feel bad about laughing at Hellen Keller being pulled out of My Vagina, drink a lot of alcohol until you don’t anymore.

See you there at our NEW YORK DEBUT YOOOO.

JULY 11th



(And to those who can’t stomach A Windmill Full of Corpses, Seeing Grandma Naked, or Pac-Man Uncontrollably Guzzling Cum – have fun in heaven, because we’ll be living it up in hell.)Cards-Against-Humanity-Examples

DCM 17!

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.50.05 PM

The countdown to the 17th annual Del Close Marathon is upon us and I am STOKED.

I am stoked because this marathon is an incredible feat of talent, strength, and endurance and because I get to perform in at least two shows.

Saturday June 27th 

TFNC Johnson at 10pm for The Monoscene

Come see a bunch of Anthony Atamaniuk’s babies make their daddy proud.

(Advanced Study Performance class at UCB)










4th Street Theater at 11:20pm for Dr. Sleepover

PHIT House Team resurrected for DCM! So stoked. So happy. So ready.

Come see us do some crazy improv with a whole lot of brotherly love.



Hitler Gets Rejected From NYU

So I’ve gotten so good at procrastinating that I have become productive. What started as watching YouTube videos turned into making one. Thank you iMovie, Harry Zaidain and Jack Elliot for turning my essay writing time into something much better.

Enjoy and gooooooooo Violets! (lol.)

Free Coaching!


I am coaching in the NYC area for any groups – including duos – that would like to get reps in. Why? Because I also want reps. I want reps coaching, you want reps being coached, sounds like a match made in heaven amirite?

I will coach you for four free weeks.

After that, you can kick me to the curb or you can hire me on! Either way, we both win, got it?

Apart from having coaching experience, I have also trained with Christian Capozzoli to learn his ways and I’m sure he won’t mind at all taking the blame if I turn out to be a nightmare.

So contact me and let’s get your show on the road!